About Us

house-garden-van-de-zwaanHouse & Garden is a family owned company located in the small town of Almere, just outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. House & Garden boasts extensive experience within the nutrient industry. Owner, William Van de Zwaan, has been in the horticulture industry his entire life, resulting in a profound passion for gardening and the development of the highest quality fertilizers available across the globe.

The Van de Zwaans are 3rd generation rose growers and own several greenhouses which produce roses for sale at the Aalsmeer Flower Auction, the world’s largest flower auction. Before developing House & Garden nutrients in 1990, William Van de Zwaan spent time developing other leading fertilizers in Holland, providing him with the unique expertise to create the nutrient line he branded with his family name.

House & Garden is a company with its own research and development department. Here, new products are created and existing products are further developed and extensively tested. At House & Garden we believe that the quality of our product is most accurately assessed in the day-to-day handling of flowers of plants. As a result, for the final analysis, real research is carried out in practice. House & Garden tests our products in real world nurseries. The effect on the growth and blooming of the plants, user-friendliness, working speed and the simplicity with which products can be applied are all researched and tested.

House & Garden not only produces Plant Nutrient, but also manages the production and bottling of it’s products in one centralized location to ensure quality control. House & Garden has an extremely modern and efficient factory and a fully automated production process, resulting in perfectly finished bottles, with clear packaging, a child proof cap and convenient built in dripper.

Customer Testimonials

"I have to say that it is a fantastic product. I have a Mandevilla on the window sill, which looks really healthy and has been blooming since November!! In the meantime, I’ve gotten a number of people enthusiastic about your product, especially my..."

Nanda Daane